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We offer the complete range of Girl, Chocolate, Globe and Blind Skateboards


Girl Skateboards was formed in 1993 by street skating legends Mike Carroll & Rick Howard. It was begun to give other deserving yet fledgling skaters a secure future with more of a family vibe than business! On top of this they also wanted to express their own creativity and ideas, and with the help of director extraordinaire Spike Jonze, they’ve released some of the most on point and visually entertaining skate videos of the last 25 years – look them up – you won’t be disappointed!


Blind Skateboards is one of the original skater owned & operated companies from the late 80’s, a time when street skating really came into its own dimension and came to overtake vert & park skating as the preferred terrain for skaters the world over. With numerous video productions that have not only stood the test of time but essentially ushered in the current world of street-skating, building on an ever evolving and always amazing team, plus a selection of product to suit all budgets, Blind has been a household name for 30 years for good reason!


Chocolate Skateboards was borne from the Girl Skateboards camp in 1994 as the team & ideas were starting to grow beyond the focus of just one brand. Since its inception Chocolate has also released some iconic videos and currently has an amazing and enduring team including heavy hitters such as Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Yonnie Cruz & transition lord Raven Tershy.


Globe are the king of the cruisers and have a huge range of complete boards perfect for cruising the street or checking the surf. Not only is there a large selection of shapes and sizes but deck art to suit any taste and style. The quality and construction of Globe boards is top shelf and guaranteed to let your carve the streets for years to come.

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