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Flat bar

Flatbar Road Bikes

This category of bike perfectly fills the void between traditional road bikes and Hybrids.

The flat bar allows for a more upright and comfortable position but builds it into a frame that is still fast and light. This makes the perfect choice for general fitness rides or for commuting.

Racks and pannier bags can be added for transport making these bikes very practical for a huge range of uses. They also make a good choice for recreational triathletes who do not need a full on road bike but still want a fast rolling set up.


Our Pick of the Brands

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Merida Speeder

Merida has the biggest range of Flat Bar road bikes on the market which means a model to suit every rider. From a basic model for fun and fitness right up to a carbon fibre beauty that can match the speed and weight of a full spec race bike. Fast and Lightweight, the Speeeder shares it’s genes with road bikes but with a more upright and comfortable riding position.

Scott Metrix:

Scott have deep roots in the road bike scene so it is no surprise that they take their Flat Bar road bikes very seriously. All models feature carbon forks and hydraulic disc brakes. The Metrix will get you where you need to go fast and is just at home weaving through traffic as it is eating up long distances on your favourite fitness ride.

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Recreational Road Bikes

The popularity of road bikes has soared in the past decade as more people discover the joy and freedom that a fast and light bike can give.

The difference these bikes offer over a full race model is the more upright position they put the rider in. This enables the weekend warrior or general fitness rider to be more comfortable on longer rides. These bike inspire you to go further and faster than you though you could. The comfort features are coupled with alloy or carbon frames and disc brakes for maximum confidence and control.

Sign up to Strava and let the fun begin.


Our Pick of the Brands

Click bikes to view details on our distributor's websites and then give us a call on 02 6654 1217 for the latest special offers on all these bikes

Scott Addict

The addict takes it’s DNA straight from Scott’s fastest bikes and builds it into a more comfortable frame that lets recreational riders feel the speed and light weight of a top shelf bike but do it more comfortably. Featuring three models made exclusively in carbon fibre with hydraulic disc brakes and fast rolling tyres. Swiss engineering makes these frames works of art at a price that is easily accessible to recreational riders. It’s called Addict for a reason. One ride and you will be hooked.

Merida Scultura

These bikes feature similar features to what the Merida pro team uses but adding the comfort factor. Priced from $1200 to $2999 this range gets you into road riding without having to sell your car. There are models for men and women with the budget models built on aluminium frames. Disc brakes are standard as is excellent gearing and light, reliable wheelsets. The finish on these bikes shows the attention to detail that you would expect from a German company.

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RAcing Bikes

If you are looking for the fastest bikes on the planet then this will be your choice. Uncompromising in weight and efficiency these bike define performance. Bicycles still stand as human kinds most efficient machine and these stand at the top of that evolution. Offered in classic road race models or Aero they cover everything from one day classics, week long tours, flat out time trails or competitive triathlons. You don’t have to be a racer to enjoy these bikes though. Anyone with a passion to go fast will can saddle up and disappear into the distance with a minimum of effort. Put in maximum effort and you will be rewarded with big output!


Our Pick of the Brands

Click bikes to view details on our distributor's websites and then give us a call on 02 6654 1217 for the latest special offers on all these bikes

Scott Foil RC

If it was good enough for Orica Green Edge and now Mitchelton Scott then it should do the job for you also. Scott’s obsession with lightweight can be seen through the entire range.

Consistently lightest in category and ever striving to couple that with stiff and reliable frames. The Foil brings this together to create a very fast bike which can take your cycling as far as you dare to take it. Foil defines Swiss engineering and allows you to ride the very same bikes that the pros use.

The only way to make these bikes any quicker is for you to get fitter.

Merida Reacto

The multi test and award winning Reacto was completely redesigned in 2018 and is a leading bike in the aero category. The Reacto is chosen by the Bahrain Pro Cycling Team and highly praised by the cycle press with comments such as “astonishingly comfortable and impossibly fast” and “fast and responsive”. In 2018 it also received a Design and Innovation Award proving what the engineers already knew. This bike is a speed machine. Merida did extensive testing and found that the disc brake only added a one watt of resistance which made the decision to spec disc brakes an easy one. Speed and control are a beautiful combination.

Scott Plasma

When the Plasma 3 project was initiated back in 2009, a team of engineers was created that was fully dedicated to scientific research into aerodynamics and given the task of turning this information into a real world product. In 2104, SCOTT successfully introduced the Plasma 5, the world’s most advanced Triathlon and Time Trial bike. Later in the same year, Sebastian Kienle won the IM World Championships in Hawaii on the new bike. Not long after Matthias Brandle set a new hour record on the track proving just how fast the Plasma is. Today this bike stands at the pinnacle of it’s evolution.

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