Kids Bikes

We've got just the bike for your little shredder, from 16" with tassles to full fat 24" with endless gears!

The Coffs Coasts Best Range of Kids Bikes

Woodseys Wheels is passionate about young riders having fun and progressing their riding.  For that reason we hand pick the very best products suited to each stage of their young lives.

From their first day on a balance bike, to airing in the skate park or riding mountain bike trail, we take the time to help you select the perfect bike. A bike that they not only will love but one which will give them the confidence to become e better rider. All our kids’ bikes are delivered assembled and ready to ride and come with a free first service to give you complete peace of mind. Only thing you have to worry about is keeping up with them.

Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes

These are the greatest invention since the round wheel.

Balance bikes allow kids to work on dynamic balance from a young age and these skills carry through their whole riding life. No need for training wheels and kids as young as 18 months can get started. Once mobile you will either need to run to keep up or get back on your own bike and ride with them.

There are few things that fill you with more joy than seeing the happiness on a 2 year old’s face as they stride along beside you on their own bike.

Our Pick of the Brands

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SCOTT Roxter

The Scott Spark 29er is the ultimate all rounder. Capable on the descent and quick to get you back to the top. Whether you are upgrading from a hardtail or are new to the sport and want a one bike quiver then this is your pick. Thanks to the patented Twinloc you can choose from 120mm travel, 75mm or full lock out at the click of a lever. Ultimate versatility and capable in almost every situation. If you are looking for a full blown XC whip then check out the Spark RC. If it’s good enough for Nino then it should be fast enough for you

Avanti Lilttle Ripper

As the name suggests this is a little ripper built for little rippers.

We offer the complete range of kids bikes from:

Single Speed

Single Speed

There are three popular wheels sizes in this group which include 12”, 16” and 20”.

All these bikes use a back pedal brake which builds confidence and does not rely on small hands being strong enough to apply the brakes.

It also means skids are easy which should never be discouraged.

Remember how much fun you used to have!

Our Pick of the Brands

Click bikes to view details on our distributor's websites and then give us a call on 02 6654 1217 for the latest special offers on all these bikes

Mongoose Lil Goose

You wanted one as a kid so don’t deny your own child.

Mongoose has been making kids bikes since the dawn of BMX and they really know how to make fun bikes. The 12” Lil Goose is their smallest bike and the one to give your child to experience their first turn of the pedals.

GT Grunge/ Siren

this is GT’s offering in the 16” wheels size. Grunge for the boys and Siren for the girls. Not that we like to stereotype as the colours are cool enough to go either way. GT are another heritage brand who have a long history of making great bikes for every age. Number plates and rear guards add to the look and solid rear hubs will survive the maddest skids your kids can dish out.

Mongoose Racer X/ Ladygoose

Kids grow fast and before you know it they are ready for their first 20” bike.

This is the wheel size of most BMX bikes but these ones still allow your kids to back pedal brake. Racer X is the boys model and Ladygoose for the girls. The colour and graphics on these are amazing as the build quality. Number plates or front bags with bottle mounts add to the fun factor and nice high bars put young riders in a BMX style position.

Front hand brakes are included to help ready your child for their next step onto a freewheel bike.

We offer the complete range of kids bikes from:


Geared Bikes

Once kids grow out of the back pedal bikes they have a choice whether they progress to BMX or jump on a junior mountain bike.

The choice comes down to three main factors. Where they ride, how they ride and what interests them most.  If you are mountain biking with your kids or they ride a fair distance to school then the geared bike is the go.

You may also live in an area with a lot of hills so the geared bike will make life a lot easier. Geared bikes come in 20”, 24” and 26” wheel sizes.

Our Pick of the Brands

Click bikes to view details on our distributor's websites and then give us a call on 02 6654 1217 for the latest special offers on all these bikes

Mongoose Rockadile 20

Featuring 7 gears and nice light action brakes the Rockadile makes for a great intro to MTB. It also has a front suspension fork and an alloy frame which keeps the comfort high and the weight low. Colours for boys and girls and plenty of adjustability as they grow.

GT Stomper 24

Available in rim or disc brake models and sporting a low slung aluminium frame. This bike looks as good as it rides and is a great way to get kids out in the bush. 7 gears on the back and a single chain ring on the front. If you need the best braking possible then go with the disc model or if you prefer gears on the front as well then check out the Mongoose Rockadile 24.

Scott Roxter 24

Plus sized tyres are good fun and make a lot of sense on kids bikes.

Lighter than suspension forks and easier to maintain these bigger tyres work really well in a 24” wheel size. As the Roxter is a dedicated MTB it is disc brake only.

This is one of my favourite kids bike ever built and one I got for my own son.

Mongoose Rockadile 26

Mountain bikes had 26” wheels for over 30 years but in recent times they have gotten much bigger.

This now leaves 26 as a great youth size and an excellent stepping stone to adult sized bikes. The Rockadile has 21 gears and a light alloy frame at a very good price. Reliability is important with any kids bikes and Mongoose builds them tough.

GT Stomper Ace

This is the best 26” kids bike around and gives young riders everything they need to cut laps of the forest with Mum and Dad.

GT have a strong international mountain bike team so they know a thing or two about building awesome mountain bikes. Who knows, your child may be the next to feature on Wheelie Wednesday

We offer the complete range of kids bikes from:

Kids Bike Buying Guide

There are so many bikes on the market which makes choosing the right bike a challenge, especialy if your not sure what you need!

We make it super easy, with a dedicated range of bikes perfectly suited to your budding tinsel loving daughter or dirt loving son (or vice versa!).

Drop in store today and we'll talk you through whats on offer and help you make the best choice of bike.